Hello and thank you to all stakeholders for welcoming me into Catherine A. Miller Elementary and the surrounding communities. My name is Mr. Khristopher Latson, and I am the Principal at Catherine A. Miller Elementary. I was born in Ft. Worth, Texas, and I have lived in the DFW area for over 35 years. I graduated from Seagoville High school. I started my post-secondary career at Eastfield College where I obtained an associate degree in business. I went on to attend Texas A&M Commerce- University in Commerce, Texas where I obtained a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Later, I obtained a master’s degree in special education from Grand Canyon University located in Phoenix, Arizona. I am planning to continue my journey as a lifelong learner earning more vocational and educational certifications to expand my knowledge to better support students in their academic success.

Growing up in Texas allowed me to be a part of many diverse communities and live in areas where the geographical landscape was very diversified. I enjoy outdoor hobbies and activities that appreciate the land which we visit and utilize. My family unit is a tight knit group of loving supportive family members that believe family is first and we represent them and ourselves in the communities in which we reside.

My family was a strong advocate of public education, realizing education was the doorway to opportunities beyond imagination. I was the first in my immediate family to complete a college degree in 1998. Business administration was my career choice after college, but I soon found myself drawn to the need to give back to students what was given to me coming from an impoverished neighborhood with limited resources. I was inspired to give the gift of knowledge and share my journey to ALL STUDENTS, BECAUSE ALL STUDENTS CAN LEARN. I decided to leave the corporate environment and join the teaching profession as my second career, never looking back on my decision to uplift our youth through inspiration, motivation, and empathic understanding.

As Principal of Catherine A. Miller, I look forward to meeting you and engaging in the surrounding communities. The students at Catherine A. Miller have welcomed me with joyful hearts and smiling faces. I want to thank the parents/guardians, family members, and members of the community for being a village to help support and nurture such wonderful future leaders. At Catherine A. Miller, we believe every student can be successful with direct instructional supports, relevant learning components, safe school environments, and rigorous instruction inside the classroom to prepare our students for the rigor of local, district and state assessments to help build workplace and interpersonal skills for future employment and community leadership. Parents thanks for supporting your student’s attendance at Catherine A. Miller Elementary, Home of Future Champions.

Go Bulldogs!!!